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Subject: Sale of Important Community Domain Names.  

NMT Web Designs, LLC plans to discontinue many of our community websites on December 31, 2016.  This includes 

and others.  


Because of this, we will be offering for sale over 50 domain names.  See list below.  Many of these domains have not been on the market for 16 years.  It is important that you consider these domains and this information carefully.  This may well be the last time any of these domains is ever available for sale.


Please note that, in many cases, we are selling groups of domains.  For example, the Gallatin group contains four (4) different domains.  Your purchase gets you all of the domains in the group.  You may use all of them, or you may choose to sell some of them to other organizations in the area.  


City or County Domains for Sale Est. Population Number of Domains in Group Minimum
Bethpage 288 1 $500
Cottontown 367 1 $500
Cross Plains 1,714 3 $600
Gallatin 32,307 4 $10,000
Hendersonville 54,068 3 $10,000
Lafayette 3,885 5 $2,000
Macon County
22,248 7 Sold!
Millersville 5,308 1 $500
Mitchellville 207 1 $100
Orlinda 594 1 $100
11,933 7 Sold!
Red Boiling Springs
1,023 8 Sold!
Sumner County 160,645 3 $2,000
Westmoreland 2,206 3 $1,000
White House 10,752 3 $2,000


If you are interested in purchasing any of these domains, is important that you communicate this fact to us as quickly as possible.   We will work with interested parties to finalize prices, etc. by the end of 2016. 


We will sell to the highest bidder, if we receive an acceptable offer.  (In a few cases, we have agreed to sell to the local government entity. These domains are already marked "Sold!" above.) 


During the first week or two of 2017, we would expect payment per the agreed-upon terms.  We will assist you with transferring the domains to you.


Note 1: We are only selling the domain names, not the websites nor the website content.  The websites will be taken down.  Once you have purchased a domain, you may point it to an existing website, create a new website, etc.  The choice is yours.


Note 2: Once you have purchased a domain, you are responsible to pay the yearly renewal fee.  This is approximately $18 per year per domain.


Note 3: The owners of NMT Web Designs, LLC are retiring.  We've been doing this since 1999, and it's time to move on to other interests.


Note 4; Bids are non-binding. 


Thank you for your consideration.    


Leonard Berry, President
NMT Web Designs, LLC
Phone: (615) 325-3858